PSY-Practice Central London Counselling, Psychotherapy, Psychoanalysis
in Covent Garden, near Bloomsbury and Soho

Initial Consultation and Fees

Our initial consultation is £85. Ongoing fees generally range from £60, dependent on income. We may have some lower-fee, daytime spaces for those on low incomes. Please make enquiries with each practitioner for availability.

Kindly email us at or at

Or call 07812 472286, when we can speak briefly about your issue, and if you wish arrange a consultation.

The initial consultation gives you the opportunity to speak about and explore in detail what has brought you to consider therapy. It is an opportunity to ask any questions or concerns you may have and to decide whether the approach your therapist uses suits you. Often a number of preliminary sessions are offered to take the time necessary to decide.

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Unless agreed 48 hours in advance, we charge for missed or cancelled sessions. Where feasible, we try to reschedule a missed session for a different day of the same week.


"Psychoanalysis consists in speaking freely,
in not hushing the ideas that go through your head [...].
Little by little, from within your own words, another meaning forms
and surprises you, then falls apart, taking the pain with it.
Usually, you discover just how conditioned you were
by apparently minute elements [...]:
things from childhood, meetings, certain words said to you.
And we keep coming back to them
until the malevolent charge of these elements softens.”
(Jacques-Alain Miller, Le Point, 22/09/2005)


Practice Location


  • Centrally based a few minutes from Covent Garden underground station, in Covent Garden, London.
  • 8 minutes' walk from Tottenham Court Road station.



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